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"No Hay Problema" (Cha-Cha-Cha)
By Your Side Dance 10 Yr Anniversary, Oct. 2016

Dancers: Laura Canellias, Rene Perez & Guillermo


"Hasta Vuelvas Conmigo" 2003  (Salsa)

Hollywood Park Casino
Dancers: Laura Canellias & Craig Morris

"Gotta Dance" - Salsa Confunkshon

2005 LA Salsa Congress​​

"Moulin Rage" - Salsa Confunkshon

2004 LA Salsa Congress


"Saca Tu Mujer" - 3rd St Dance Holiday Party 2003  (Salsa Solo) Laura Canellias

Partner Dancers: Laura & Raul, Oscar & Bethana

Spanish Harlem Orchestra - 2003 Montreal Jazz Festival

(dancers:  Laura Canellias & Raul Santiago)​​

"Tequila"  - Salsa Confunkshon

  L.A. Salsa Congress - 2000

Laura Canellias' promo reel

Dance Highlights from 1999 - 2003​​

"Ese Hombre"  (Salsa)

Sportsman's Lodge 1996

Dancers:  Laura Canellias & Francisco Vasquez

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