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Spring Semester 2022   Feb. 23rd - June 6th-

World Dance Survey
This course covers an introduction to 3 different world dance disciplines:  Hawaiian, Salsa & Flamenco
Dance 20, Section 1826 - Hybrid/Online/Main Campus - CPC 314
This class meets twice/wk for 16 weeks:
Mon 1:00pm - 3:05pm 
Wed 1:00pm - 3:05pm  


2 units  •  Transfer: UC, CSU   •   Prerequisite:  None.

Both dance majors and non-majors learn specific ethnic

dance styles within a given semester; the study of the music,

art, and history of each style of dance is also included. 

Hawaiian will be taught on campus - CPC 314

Flamenco will be taught hybrid online & on campus

Salsa will be taught online only



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