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Spring Semester 2023             Feb. 13th - June 13th

Dance 26A, Section 1783 Beginning Salsa
Dance 26B, Section 1784 Intermediate Salsa

Malibu Campus 

23555 Civic Center Way, Rm 103
This course covers both an introduction to Salsa & progresses to an intermediate level.
This course introduces students to the movement and music of Salsa Dance and its cultural, historic, and geographic origins. The basic dance technique, musical structure, and terminology is studied along with elements of body placement, style, and characteristics of the form including turning techniques and partnering. Additionally, bachata and cha-cha-cha dance forms will also be studied in this course.
Attendance of dance productions for which students must purchase tickets is required along with written assignments

This class meets twice/wk for 16 weeks:
Tue 2:00pm - 4:05pm 
Thur 2:00pm - 4:05pm  


2 units  •  Transfer: UC, CSU   •   Prerequisite:  None.

Both dance majors and non-majors learn specific ethnic

dance styles within a given semester; the study of the music,

art, and history of each style of dance is also included. 



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