2019 Salsa Hall Of Fame award receiving induction ring from Edwin Rivera.


"2nd Annual Salsa Hall Of Fame" 1st woman inductee, Los Angeles, CA 2019

"Special Award of Recognition" - 15th Annual World Salsa  Congress,

    Los Angeles, CA  2013

"Special Recognition for Contributions to the Salsa Community, Tokyo, Japan 2012

"Spirit of Dance Award" - Los Angeles, CA  2010

"Special Award of Recognition" - 10th Annual World Salsa  Congress, 

    San Juan, P.R.  2006

"Outstanding Achievement Award" - West Coast Salsa Congress, 

    Los Angeles , CA  2003

"The Andy Vasquez Award" - Bacardi World Salsa Congress, 

    San Juan, P.R.  2000

"Outstanding Achievement Award" - Bacardi West Coast Salsa Congress,

    Los Angeles , CA  1999

15th Annual

LA Salsa Fest 2013

 Los Angeles, CA

Japan Salsa Congress

2012 Tokyo, Japan

Albert Torres with Laura

10th Annual Salsa Congress
 San Juan, PR 2006

Laura with father & brother at the Bacardi W.C. Salsa Congress

Los Angeles, CA 

May 2003

receiving the Anibal Vasquez Award

presented by Eli Irizarry & All Star Ent. 

Bacardi Salsa Congress

San Juan, PR 2000

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