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Classes -

Laura offers a variety of classes to choose from, each with

it's own specific goals:


Salsa & Bachata Classes  

   -  for learning patterns & practicing your leading &    

      following techniques with other students.


Private Lessons

   -  For those that want to get there faster & zone in on

      your own specific challenges.  When you work one on

      one with Laura, you'll see why she's called L.A.'s Salsa    

      Diva & is one of the best instructors on the salsa

      scene today!  Laura is known as one of the pioneers of 
      the LA salsa scene & has over 40 years experience as 
      an instructor!  She makes learning - easy!

Cardio Salsatm exercise classes

   -  when you want to dance & get a great workout too!
      5 classes weekly 


College Courses

   - Laura has been an adjunct faculty member of Santa

     Monica college for 23 years & has also taught at 

     Cal State LA & Loyola Marymount University.  These are 

     accredited courses which you can registered by going to

     the college website:

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